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dinner_in_20's Journal

Find and post recipes we twentysomethings have fou
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No more dinning hall. No more parents cooking up a Sunday night feast. You're on your own now and the kitchen is a scary place. But at the same time? You're so sick of Hamburger Helper and Wendy's you could scream. Time to crack your knuckles and get creative. Here you can find and post tried and true recipes that are generally quick and manageable. These are the recipes you keep on hand to throw together on a weeknight, when you get home from work and the last thing you want to do is spend time in front of the stove.

Since we're living in a time when being health conscious is the name of the game, please feel free to post articles and information relative to maintaining a healthy diet.

Posting Guidelines:

When posting recipes, give credit where credit is due. As in, if you post something from Kraft, make sure we know that's where it came from.

Please tag the main components of each recipe, such as "chicken" or "squash". Also please tag whether or not the recipe is an entree, appetizer, side dish, soup, salad, dessert, etc. Use your common sense. If it's a pie, tag it a pie. This will make searching back entries blessingly simple.

Photos of your delectable dishes are encouraged, as well as nutritional information when available.

If your recipe is designated nutritious, say so. Likewise for vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Please include the approximate amount of time involved in each recipe, and how many it feeds (if known). Since a lot of us are single or married without kids, recipes that feed one or two are definitely encouraged!